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    PERCHFEST 2016

    Its that time again when family gets together to enjoy each others company and celebrate all we are thankful for.  No I am not talking about Christmas or Thanksgiving. I am talking about Perchfest: the greatest holiday of all.

    Several years ago, a buddy introduced us to this lake. It is probably the best panfish lake in all of California. It contains: Yellow perch, bluegill, crappie, pumpkinseed, shad, green sunfish, largemouth bass and rainbow trout. The lake receives very little pressure, so little pressure that the fish have become so prolific they can be caught by the hundreds.

    This lake is only one of two lakes in the entire state that contains yellow perch. Yellow perch are a close relative of walleye. They have flaky white meat and make the best fish tacos in the world. Under normal circumstances, I always practice catch and release but this lake has so many perch and they taste so good. I make an exception.

    A simple batter of: Beer, flour, garlic salt and eggs. Garnished with cabbage, hot sauce and lemon, wrapped in a warm tortilla is all you need. We also boiled the perch in 7up and dipped them in cocktail sauce. This was a favorite of Andy's.


    Last year we brought our fish counters and logged in over 500 fish caught. This year we blew those numbers away and caught all eight species of fish we targeted. I even added a new species to my list.

    The pumpkinseed

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